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What Are the Best Ways to Record a Teleseminar?

Let’s start off by getting some terms straight. Properly speaking a teleseminar is learning content (specifically a seminar) which is executed using a telephone conference call (a teleconference). However, many people use the term as as a synonym for teleconference. A marketing teleseminar is really a teleconference in most cases. A telephone call between two people is also a teleconference, specifically a point-to-point one. Most of the time the word teleconference is used to refer to a multi-point call involving several telephones.

Is that clear as mud?

Okay so the question really should be stated as “What are the best ways to record a teleconference or telephone call?” (rather than a teleseminar).

Most teleconferences are held using a teleconferencing system. These providers typically include the ability to make a recording through their software.

Frankly, letting them make the recording is the easiest and often the best method.

However, it does mean that you give up control on the quality of the recording.

The other alternatives depend on how you make your phone call.

If you call in using Skype there are a number of software packages you can use. Personally, I use a software tool called MP3 Skype Recorder which is free and provides a high quality MP3 recording of your Skype calls.

Sometimes Skype isn’t an alternative. In those cases when a land line or cell phone must be used to call the conference host, there are three alternatives.

The first is to use the computer as a telephone. Many of us still have modems built into our computers. If so, you can make a phone call with them. It might take a bit of work to find software to make phone calls from your computer. Once you have loaded the software add a free sound editor such as Wavepad. Although these tools are best used for audio editing most of them are very capable recorders.

If you have to call in with a real telephone buy an inexpensive suction cup telephone pickup microphone. The microphone jack is then plugged into the headphone microphone jack for your computer. There are also more expensive versions which involve a wiring connection to your telephone. These will provide a better quality call but cost two to three times more. If you are using your computer as a recorder use a free tool such as Wavepad to do the actual recording.

Finally if nothing else works, use a telephone microphone (suction cups are the cheapest but there are others) and a digital recorder. Once you’ve recorded the teleseminar you will need to upload the recording to your computer in order to edit it.

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